Month: September 2015

Writing 0-2

Problem #1: Brushing teeth

First I would pick up the toothbrush and put toothpaste onto it. I would then put the toothbrush in my mouth and begin brushing the top of my bottom row of teeth. After about 20 or 30 seconds, I would repeat this same process on the bottom of top-row of teeth. Finally, I would brush the front of all of my teeth by moving the brush in circular motions. Once that was complete I would spit out the toothpaste into the sink below me and rinse the toothbrush of any toothpaste residue.

1 pick up toothbrush
2 remove toothpaste from tube
3 place toothpaste on toothbrush
4 move toothbrush back and forth on bottom row of teeth
5 repeat for 25 seconds
6 place toothbrush on top row of teeth
7 move toothbrush back and forth
8 repeat for 25 seconds
9 remove toothbrush
10 close jaw
11 move toothbrush in circular motion on face of teeth
12 repeat for 25 seconds
13 remove toothpaste from mouth into sink
14 rinse toothbrush

Problem #2: Peeling an Orange

I would pick up the orange and a knife. I would then place the knife to the orange and remove the skin by peeling it. Once that was complete I would begin eating it by removing a wedge, putting it into my mouth, chewing it, and swallowing it. I would repaet this for as many wedges as their were.

1 pick up orange
2 pick up knife
3 place knife on surface of orange
4 begin peeling
5 repeat until all skin is separated from the orange
6 n = number of orange wedges
7 remove orange wedge
8 place into mouth
9 chew orange wedge
10 swallow orange wedge
11 goto line 7 and repeat n times

Problem #3: Washing Hands

I would first turn on the water and place my hands under it. I would wipe each hand with the other until each was wet enough. Then I would remove my hands from the water and put soap on them. I would repeat the same motion except this time with the soap. I would then place my hands under the water again and repeat the same motion until all the soap was removed. Then I would pick up the towe and rub my hands on it until they were dry.

1 turn on water
2 place hands under water
3 wipe each hand with the other hand
4 repeat for 15 seconds
5 remove hands from water
6 dispense soap onto right hand
7 spread soap onto each hand
8 repeat for 10 seconds
9 place hands under water
10 wipe each hand with the other
11 repeat until all soap is removed from hands
12 turn off water
13 pick up towel
14 rub hands on towel until all water is removed.


Writing 0-1

The automobile has been around for well over 100 years. It was invented in 1885, and over the 130-year span of its existence its had the same basic function; to get people where they are going faster. Of course it has been improved upon through aspects such as speed, mile per gallon of fuel, and appearance but one of the most revolutionary changes to the car is becoming less and less science fiction and more and more reality.

Since 2012, Google has been testing its “Driverless car (SDCs).” It has the ability to use specialized cameras to drive its self on pretty much any street without any human invention. Over the past few months, however, Google’s SDC is now being allowed to be tested on public roads in California, Michigan, Florida, and Nevada. If everything works out SDCs may become the next big human convenience.

Google, so far, is the only known company to be producing a Driverless car. A rumor flew around that Apple was developing one, but it has apparently been disproven. If Google were to succeed and make the car a common item for people all over the country, there would be no need for licences, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, truck drivers, among other things. There are however a few setbacks.

Not everyone would immediately buy a driverless car, which means there would be a mix of both human-driven cars and computer-driven cars. Many people aren’t comfortable with the mix of human and computer error and they believe it would result in more accidents.

Many people also believe that these SDCs can (and will) be hacked. Unlike hacking a normal computer, people could be physically harmed if this were to happen. Some people even claim to have hacked a Google SDC with something as simple as a laser. The laser disrupts the cameras causing the car to loose control.

And even more people believe that computers aren’t perfect accidents will still occur. I do like this quote from a youtube video, however. “Robots don’t need to be perfect to replace humans, they just need to be “more perfect” than humans.”

There are things to counteract most of these problems. For example, if something were to disrupt the cameras and cause the Driverless car to not be driverless there is a steering wheel installed so that humans can intervene if necessary. There will also most likely be security patches for any security holes found in the driverless car’s software. And after all, the majority of people would enjoy the convenience of a driverless car which would allow Google to continue selling cars even if there were some accidents. As long as there are fewer accidents caused by robots than by humans, SDCs will most likely be considered safe if they ever go mainstream.




Writing 0-0

A computer in my house is a microwave oven. The microwave consists of an oven door and a panel on the side for user input as well as a display panel that can display a variety of information for the user. This information consists of the amount of time left on a meal that is cooking inside, the word “stop” to indicate that the oven door was opened too soon, the time, and (under some circumstances) a time that is blinking to indicate a power failure causing the time to be incorrect. The panel on the side has many features but noticeably is the number pad, which allows the user to put in how much time they want the meal to cook for. This cooking process is started by pressing the “Time cook” button on the panel, inputting the desired time, and then pressing the “Start” button. If the user realizes that they have put too much time into the device while it is cooking, they have two options: 1. They can allow the food to become too hot/burn or even explode or 2. they can press the “Clear/Off” button which stops the cooking process. There are other bells and whistles that come with this computer. This includes presets located on the user panel which allow the user to quickly cook things such as popcorn, beverages, baked potatoes, and vegetables. There is also the option for the user to adjust the “Power Level” of the microwave between low, medium, and high. Although this device may sound great for the common consumer, there are dangers of using it too. If the user were to place something metal (i.e. tin foil, silverware, metal bowl) the microwave will begin to spark and it could result in an explosion which could lead to injury or even death. There are also some compatibility problems with the microwave. For example even though advertised on the internet ( iPhone will not charge in a microwave. Overall, I do thoroughly enjoy using this computer and it works very well as far as heating up food and leftovers.