Month: September 2016

Technical Innovations

The technical innovation I chose is the radio. Despite the radio being invented in 1895, it has actually had a large impact on my life. Radio’s and radio waves were really the first technology to establish the principle of dispersing information over a large area electronically.  Its original purpose was to transmit radio stations to regular people. Its purpose over time, however, has changed dramatically. Although it still serves the same purpose it did when it was first invented, now radio waves have given us the ability to use wireless technology. This includes technologies that are seen as common nowadays like WiFi and Bluetooth.

The technology my mom claims changed her life as a teenager was the Sony Walkman. The Sony Walkman was one of the first mobile media players. The original Walkmans contained cassette tapes to hold music on them. What made these devices so innovative was the fact that it gave a person the ability to literally walk around with digital information in their pocket. This mobilization of information was a huge step forward in computing technology. Similar somewhat-modern technologies include Floppy Disks, USB Flash Drives, and External Hard drives. All of these technologies support the mobilization of data.

Both of these technologies helped create the widespread access to digital data we see today in our lives. Walkman’s gave people the ability to carry digital information around, whereas radio technology allows for the broadcasting of digital information.  These technologies are also different however because one has constant availability (the radio) and the other you have to be in possession of in order to use it. Both are often used for music and each have their own conveniences. Walkmans would allow you to listen to whatever particular media you desired but the other was controlled by an operator.