Month: January 2017

DC Cyber Attack

Original Story:

Shortly before President Trump’s Inauguration, a closed circuit camera network was hacked by an unknown source.  There are a large variety of possible motives but since the source of the hacking is unknown police won’t know why their Camera’s were hacked until they find out who committed the crime. The police will likely secure their camera network so that a similar attack cannot occur again. They will also continue to investigate so that they can discover who caused the hack and why they wanted to break in. The timing likely had something to do with it. Thankfully security measures were already in place so that the cameras were in a closed circuit and no other DC systems were affected.



MIT App Inventor

The MIT App Inventor was a good tool for people who were just learning to program. Its similarity to Scratch would make it a good environment for  a beginner to learn in.  I think it would definitely be a good way to introduce someone to programming in an Introductory class.

As far as the AP is concerned, I think it was good to explore it since we have never seen it before but if it were taught in a course that was a prerequisite to the AP it would not be necessary to do again in the Advanced Placement class.

MIT Article

I recognized many things on the list in the article. In fact there were a couple of things that I knew about but I was surprised that they were on there (for example cultural “memes”).

A a couple of things I didn’t recognize was “Technological Singularity” and “Self-Tracking.” Although when I read about them I realized I had heard about them but just in other terms.

I think this list could definitely change over time because that is what technology does. Things on this list that we think are relevant now may not be so much in the future.